Cult of Mara

Game Two 1 Month Later

- Started with three rolls for wages. They added the total with their skill and the 10s place equaled the gold they earned while the ones equaled their silver gains.
- Boner has stopped grave robbing for now. He has also learned to say yes and no but he doesn’t seem to understand how to use them.
- Jacob suggested creating some hideouts in town as well as outside of town.
o The group ventured out into the forest after Paul started to feel like Mara wanted them to go. They quickly found a tunnel guarded by goblins. After a short discussion, they learned that the goblins were guarding a portal for “Tara.” They figured out how to open the portal by typing out MARA in the Infernal Runes that covered the portal. Inside they found one of the few remaining temples of Mara. They also found three magical kukri and some books that imbued them each with different knowledge. The last great find was a book of Mara’s ancient rituals. Now they have a great hideout.
- Maya had learned of a secret tunnel from the assassin’s guild HQ to the forest. It will cost 10 gold for non-guild members or people acting on non-guild business.
- Current rumors include a possible dragon sighting outside of the castle, something is moving through the sewers and that undead walk the streets at night.
- The assassins guild has a contract set for a Mr. Thomas of the Apple District. It will earn 50 gold. The contract was setup by Thomas himself (diplomacy 15 to find out). Gather info 15 to find out Thomas is a merchant who donates a lot to the Church of Kalis.
o Maya took the contract and did a little info gathering. She posed as a servant and struck up a conversation with one of Thomas’ men. She learned of the new 5 mastiffs and came up with a plan to poison them. A poisoned slab of beef took care of 4/5 of the dogs. She then climbed over the wall to open the gates for the rest of the party. After a difficult fight with the one remaining dog, she managed to reunite with the party. The sleeping dogs were disposed of and the group broke into the kitchen. Maya attempted to lure a guard into the kitchen but he called for help. Four guards surrounded the party but they were able to kill them quickly. Quickly they found Thomas and killed the crazy merchant.



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